Winsor Pilates Power Sculpting With Resistance Band ABS Version

Winsor Pilates Power Sculpting With Resistance Band ABS Version

Mari Winsor’s Ab Sculpting Pilates workout can get you the slimmer defined belly you’ve always imagined. In Pilates, the midsection is known as the focal point of the body for a reason. Specific techniques are made around your core or center that is the abdominal. I have been doing Mari Winsor Pilates DVDs off and on for approximately five years. This is a simple way to reinforce my body, be a little more sufficiently flexible, and more importantly, lose weight! The best version is the Power Sculpting ABS version with resistance band, in only twenty minutes of assorted moves made to tone your abdominal region I can see and feel the results in just a couple of weeks.


For anyone who isnot really acquainted with Pilates, it is much like yoga, with mostly floor based movements where breathing as well as your “core” strength are essential. Your core is your abdominal region, and essentially once it is stronger all the exercises become easier and hopefully your belly will end up much flatter.


I like these work out DVDs for one since they’re inexpensive, I purchased mine online. You can also do them anytime you please and from the comfort of your own home. You just need a DVD player as well as perhaps a mat, since you will be on the floor for almost all of the workout. click here for related information.


Based on which version you are carrying out, the amount of time will vary from almost an hour or so to twenty minutes. The hour-long version is total body sculpting where she does an over-all workout for the entire body. The 20-minute versions concentrate on a particular area of the body. for further information, visit :

Winsor Pilates Power Sculpting With Resistance Band ABS Version

The 2nd set of Winsor Pilates DVDs I bought, was the Power Sculpting version, which includes a stretchy resistance band for making the moves a little more difficult. I purchased the whole set yet again, and found out that the moves on her DVDs were like the last set, now the visible difference was using the band. So if you desired to spend less, it is possible to get your own band at a sporting goods store and supplement it together with your old DVDs.


The one Winsor Pilates DVD with the power sculpting band I do recommend getting is the ABS version. I am unable to stress to you how quickly you will notice the results. There has to be a technology as to the moves that are used and sequenced, because I have been struggling with my weight my whole life, and this is the only sure-proof method I have found that you’re going to see results. The DVD is 20 minutes long, it begins with a couple breathing and stretching exercises to loosen up your muscles, after which continues to get more difficult and challenging for the core.


Something I dislike relating to this workout, is that she basically doesn’t do a cool-down, and there exists just one move towards the end called “a little piece of heaven” which for anyone acquainted with yoga is equivalent to the ” child’s pose”, that stretches your back. I guess you can do some stretches by yourself if you felt inspired. I do the abs workout twice a week, and a full body workout once in between. I recommend the Winsor Pilates DVDs to anyone seeking to tone and sculpt their body.


If your end goal is to shed around 10 pounds and just have a more defined body, then this is for you. Alternatively, if your goal is to loose around 20-30 pounds, I wouldn’t recommend this. This does not have a cardiovascular workout section whatsoever; therefore, it will be tough to lose a large amount of weight. Your body will be more toned, though you might not see such drastic results.