Breast augmentation for Valentine’s Day?

The choice to have plastic surgery is a very personal one. Women who are considering breast augmentation for valentines may have many different reasons why they want their breasts enhanced. Before a breast augmentation can take place, a qualified cosmetic surgeons will speak with the potential patient about her desires and outlooks for the procedure.

Knowing a patient’s motivation allows the surgeon to assess whether she is getting the surgery for the right reasons or not.

Getting a Breast argumentation for Valentine’s Day!

Breast augmentation is a surgical procedure done by a plastic surgeon in which a woman’s breasts are enlarged through the placement of breast implants. The surgeon will work with the patient ahead of time to choose an appropriate size implant. They will also discuss the reasons that the patient wants the enhancement. During this conversation, the surgeon will decide if the reasons that patient wants the surgery are valid. If not, the doctor may counsel the woman against the surgery.

Obviously, women who need reconstructive surgery due to cancer or some other damage to their breasts are good candidates for this procedure. Restoring a woman’s breasts to their original appearance after an illness or accident is certainly a positive reason for the augmentation procedure.

Valid reasons that women choose to undergo breast augmentation surgery:

There are some other very valid reasons that women choose to undergo breast augmentation surgery.

  • One common reason that women select this procedure is that they want their breasts to appear more proportional to their body.
  • They may feel that their small breasts simply do not look like they fit with the rest of their body.
  • Augmentation can make a body look more proportioned and aesthetically appealing, whether clothed or naked. This is a common reason that many choose breast reduction surgery as well.

Pregnancy can cause unwanted breast changes and is another reason that women may choose augmentation. With age and after pregnancy, a woman’s breasts may shrink or appear smaller. Drooping or sagging of the breasts can occur after pregnancy or breastfeeding. While some patients may only require a lift, others will require an implant. Returning to your pre-pregnancy appearance is one of the most common reasons to ask for breast augmentations.

Asymmetry is natural

Sometimes a woman’s breasts may be different sizes. While some asymmetry is natural, a woman with noticeable differences may be highly self-conscious and may even have difficulty finding clothes that fit properly. With breast augmentation, the doctor can make each breast similar in size to the other. Check here!

Of course, there are ladies who simply desire larger, fuller, and rounder breasts. They want to fit better in clothes and feel more comfortable and attractive. The desire to improve your appearance and boost your confidence is a valid reason for augmentation surgery. However, if the surgery is being done because the woman feels pressure from friends or loved ones, it should not be performed.

In conclusion

Patients who want breast implants in hopes of saving their marriage or getting a better job will probably end up disappointed. A good cosmetic surgeons will not hesitate to refuse a woman the surgery if she has unrealistic expectations. While the breast augmentation procedure has made many women more confident and improved their self-esteem, it will not make you instantly famous or turn you into a supermodel. Talk with your cosmetic surgeons understand the risks and benefits, and then decide together if this surgery is right for you.

Winsor Pilates Power Sculpting With Resistance Band ABS Version

Winsor Pilates Power Sculpting With Resistance Band ABS Version

Mari Winsor’s Ab Sculpting Pilates workout can get you the slimmer defined belly you’ve always imagined. In Pilates, the midsection is known as the focal point of the body for a reason. Specific techniques are made around your core or center that is the abdominal. I have been doing Mari Winsor Pilates DVDs off and on for approximately five years. This is a simple way to reinforce my body, be a little more sufficiently flexible, and more importantly, lose weight! The best version is the Power Sculpting ABS version with resistance band, in only twenty minutes of assorted moves made to tone your abdominal region I can see and feel the results in just a couple of weeks.


For anyone who isnot really acquainted with Pilates, it is much like yoga, with mostly floor based movements where breathing as well as your “core” strength are essential. Your core is your abdominal region, and essentially once it is stronger all the exercises become easier and hopefully your belly will end up much flatter.


I like these work out DVDs for one since they’re inexpensive, I purchased mine online. You can also do them anytime you please and from the comfort of your own home. You just need a DVD player as well as perhaps a mat, since you will be on the floor for almost all of the workout. click here for related information.


Based on which version you are carrying out, the amount of time will vary from almost an hour or so to twenty minutes. The hour-long version is total body sculpting where she does an over-all workout for the entire body. The 20-minute versions concentrate on a particular area of the body. for further information, visit :

Winsor Pilates Power Sculpting With Resistance Band ABS Version

The 2nd set of Winsor Pilates DVDs I bought, was the Power Sculpting version, which includes a stretchy resistance band for making the moves a little more difficult. I purchased the whole set yet again, and found out that the moves on her DVDs were like the last set, now the visible difference was using the band. So if you desired to spend less, it is possible to get your own band at a sporting goods store and supplement it together with your old DVDs.


The one Winsor Pilates DVD with the power sculpting band I do recommend getting is the ABS version. I am unable to stress to you how quickly you will notice the results. There has to be a technology as to the moves that are used and sequenced, because I have been struggling with my weight my whole life, and this is the only sure-proof method I have found that you’re going to see results. The DVD is 20 minutes long, it begins with a couple breathing and stretching exercises to loosen up your muscles, after which continues to get more difficult and challenging for the core.


Something I dislike relating to this workout, is that she basically doesn’t do a cool-down, and there exists just one move towards the end called “a little piece of heaven” which for anyone acquainted with yoga is equivalent to the ” child’s pose”, that stretches your back. I guess you can do some stretches by yourself if you felt inspired. I do the abs workout twice a week, and a full body workout once in between. I recommend the Winsor Pilates DVDs to anyone seeking to tone and sculpt their body.


If your end goal is to shed around 10 pounds and just have a more defined body, then this is for you. Alternatively, if your goal is to loose around 20-30 pounds, I wouldn’t recommend this. This does not have a cardiovascular workout section whatsoever; therefore, it will be tough to lose a large amount of weight. Your body will be more toned, though you might not see such drastic results.

Little Known Ways To Build Muscle

Little Known Ways To Build Muscle

A lot of people, and especially men, want to build muscle. A lot of value is placed on muscle build. You look at some magazines and you always see pictures of men with well-defined physiques. This sculpted look is highly valued among people. You all know how you can build your muscles, right? Just go to a gym and hit the weights. Unfortunately, it is not that simple as you will find out. Some of the muscles will build, but then you will notice that some of the other muscles are not so responsive, like the abdominals. Some of you will find that you are not gaining any muscular appearances, even if you are getting stronger. click here for more details.


The truth of the matter is that there is more to building muscle than just hitting weights. If you want that sculpted look, you are going to have to make some more adjustments. For one thing, you are going to have to adjust your diet. A lot of bodybuilders say that your diet is a very important aspect to your work out. You must make sure you are getting all of your nutrients. One very important nutrient is protein. This is what is vital to building muscle. There are many other vitamins and minerals that you must make sure you are taking in so that you are provided with the energy needed for a workout.


One thing that you should always do when you are working out is to always add a little more to your routine. You could do that and you could also switch up your routine every once in a while so that your body does not get bored. If you keep adding variety to the program and challenging your body, you will be more successful at building muscle. Every couple of weeks adds some weight or some reps to your routine. You could even start a new type of routine or start adding some new exercises to the mix. for more details, visit :

Little Known Ways To Build Muscle

Building muscle is actually quite easy when you figure out the right combination that works for you. All you have to do is eat right so that you will maximize your results. Another important piece of advice is not to be so prideful. Talk to others that are working out as well to see if they can give you any valuable pointers. You would definitely need someone to spot you while you are doing bench presses. It is important that you warm up before each exercise as well as cool down after. You must do some stretches so that you will minimize the risk of sprains and muscle pulls. Building muscles can be a dangerous activity if you are not careful. You must remember to not over work yourself. You could cause injury to your muscles instead of building up. Instead, start small and work your way into it so that you will not get discouraged.

Liposuction For Men

Liposuction For Men

The word lipo-comes from Greek word lipos meaning”fat” and the word suction means “sucking”. Liposuction is the removal of excess fatty tissue to reshape the body. Earlier, Liposuction was a cosmetic surgery more frequently done by women. Nowadays, men are also eager to have a well sculptured body and hence undergo liposuction. It is done mainly to contour particular areas of the body by removing or reshaping localized fat deposits. It is not a form of weight loss program. click here for more details.


In this competitive business world, a common perception among men is that a young and fit person is more efficient in getting the job done. Eating disorders, untimely food habits and obesity, are now becoming very common in men. Hence, men tend to go for liposuction, as an immediate remedy for their obesity problems. For Liposuction only small incisions are used, which are very easy to conceal. Male liposuction is a cosmetic procedure that helps to model the body by getting rid of unwanted fat from certain areas. Almost all part of the body can be suctioned. The neck, the abdomen and the loin (commonly referred as the love handle area) are the most popular liposuction areas in men. Lately, more and more men are turning to facial liposuction to have an overall youthful and well-structured appearance. for more information, visit :

Liposuction For Men

Male liposuction is more expensive than liposuction for a female. The primary reason being that the fat found in the male is more fibrous and hence, it is more difficult and time consuming to remove when compared to that of females. Secondly, men are typically larger than females, so liposuction in men involves a larger area. The third reason is that the areas for which men most commonly request liposuction are body sites like chest or breast, neck, loin area and abdomen, where the fat tends to be more fibrous. Liposuction prices vary depending on the area of the body to be treated, amount of correction needed for the specified area and the technology used. Typically liposuction cost ranges from $1500 to $7500. The liposuction cost per body area decreases if more than one body area is treated, since it is easier and more efficient to treat more area than it is to treat each area separately. Liposuction takes considerable time to perform, so if there is lot of fat to be removed then it will consume more time as well as money.


Male liposuction can easily be performed on an outpatient basis. In most cases, it is done with local anesthesia. Most patients will be able to return to their normal activities within three days post-surgery. Usually, once treated, those same areas will not gain any considerable amount of fat. But it is possible to gain weight in other parts of the body. Side effects and complications of liposuction are usually rare. Recovery times from liposuction vary according to the individual and the extent of the procedure, and in some cases, residual swelling may last for several months.


Liposuction is considered as a safe procedure with no mortality and minimal risks of morbidity. Moreover significant patient satisfaction is achieved when it is performed by experienced and qualified surgeons. Liposuction, by no means is a substitute for dieting. Liposuction techniques do not provide metabolic benefits achieved by dieting and exercising. Even after bearing the cost for the treatment, Liposuction does not reduce the size of remaining fat cells or decrease the fat that accumulates in other tissues. There are physiological limits as to the quantity of fat that can be removed at any one time and hence extremely over weight people would not benefit, and are therefore not appropriate candidates for Liposuction.