Key Facts about the SculpSure Procedure You Need to Know

Woman Relaxing While Getting SculpSure Treatment

In the fields of cosmetic surgery and medical technology, some domains remain a tremendous challenge both for research and development, but also direct practitioners who apply the actual medical procedures to their patients. One of these domains is the problem of fat reduction procedures. In the modern day and age, more and more people are struggling with the fat deposits on their bodies. Aside from being visually unappealing, these are also a very series precursor to impaired health and an overall shorter life span.

But, for medical practitioners, reducing the same fat is often a huge hurdle. This challenge comes about either because of problematic effectiveness for less invasive treatment, or the long recuperation time for more intense procedures. However, a recent advancement in this field offers a chance for a procedure that provides effectiveness without an invasive procedure that demands a long recovery period. This procedure is called SculpSure and here are the key facts about it.

The Science of SculpSure

SculpSure defines itself as a laser-based noninvasive fat reduction procedure. It works by employing a process called temperature injury or hyperthermic injury which is applied to the fat cells. Using a laser, the targeted fat cells are brought to a higher temperature than the rest of the body. As this happens, they are injured, which then triggers the immune system to clear them out of the body. When this ends, the targeted area effectively shrinks.

What does the SculpSure Look Like?

A regular SculpSure treatment lasts about half an hour. During this time, a diode laser emits a special type of light through the skin which takes the temperature of the fat cells to between 42 and 47 degrees Celsius. The heat produces injury to the fat cells but does not harm other ones, including the actual skin above them. When it comes to discomfort, it is also minimal because the temperature that is below 50 degrees Celsius cannot cause actual burns, aside from the wanted impact on the cellular level. For now, the FDA in the US approved the procedure for the flanks and the abdomen.

When do Results Reveal Them?

Once the fat cells are injured and shocked by the SculpSure treatment, they start to die off over the following weeks. During this period, the fat deposits will begin to diminish and slowly shrink. The end results can take up to several months to show themselves while the impacted cells are all dealt by the body’s immunity mechanisms. Of course, the patient does not have to do anything additionally during the same time, because everything will be sorted by their body.

With these important facts about the SculpSure procedure, anyone will be able to decide if this is the thing that will help them get rid of that stubborn fat on their sides or the stomach.