Beauty Advice

When it comes to beauty, there’s a lot to unpack. We could talk about the impossible beauty standards placed upon women, but then we have to talk about the fact that many women like the pursuit, at least, of that beauty standard. If you tell a girl she looks too good to wear makeup, for example, don’t be surprised when she gets upset with you, because the makeup, surprisingly, isn’t all about pleasing men. I say this, of course, because it has been relegated, by men, to a thing only for women and only to make them more beautiful by men’s standards, and yet, women have taken it back and made it their own. And, good for them, really. Women occupy an interesting philosophical space wherein they oppose what things like high heels, makeup, etc. represent, but they also love these things that they’re used to. I digress, however. I come here not to ramble or wax philosophical, but, instead, to offer up some beauty tips that won’t require anything you can’t get at your local Target.

First and foremost, there’s the matter of “beauty sleep.” This popular idiom from who knows where and when is startlingly accurate. Getting the recommended amount of sleep, 8 hours, every night will do wonders for you appearance. Those bags we all have under our eyes, for example, are the result of bad sleeping habits reinforced by capitalism’s insatiable greed, so we need to take back our rightful eight hours of sleep, for beauty purposes or otherwise. Getting the recommended amount of sleep is also good for your skin and hair, as it balance out the level of oil in your skin and hair so that you never really get that “greasy” look unless you fail to bathe for a week.

Another important step  to maintaining your beauty is to eat well. This is not advice on how to lose weight. I’m not one to subscribe to those bullhockey beauty standards. However, a healthy diet does help you maintain skin that’s radiant and clear of acne, for the most part, for one thing. It’s also instrumental in making you feel good, which, believe it or not, factors into beauty as well. So, eating right, and exercise, for that matter, factor into beauty in more ways than simply to lose weight.